Sport Waikato


Sport Waikato recently revamped their operations in the local community and needed to update their headquarters to match their new approach. Drawing inspiration from their collaborative work and focus on activity, we designed a new layout and finishes palette. Within the expansive open office, we established zones for concentration, teamwork, and sharing. By organising teams and tenants into efficient neighbourhoods, we reclaimed space for a central area featuring booths, lounges, hot desks, project spaces, and resource areas. The strand board finishes pay homage to their ongoing work, serving as a versatile backdrop for inspiring messages, progress updates, and cultural narratives. The circulation pathway mimics a running track, and the workshop space adopts a playful atmosphere with elements like four square and bleachers. Vibrant colours, greenery, suspended acoustic and lighting features, and industrial materials were incorporated to create cosy, private, and focused pockets within the vast space.

A big shout-out to Sport Waikato as they continue their mission to influence, impact, and lead meaningful change, inspiring greater activity in our communities.

Build by Tika interiors
Acoustics by Polygonomy
Furniture by Harrows and Cemac
Flooring by Complete Flooring

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