St Peter's College and Prep


Founded in 1936, St. Peter’s Cambridge is a distinguished independent co-educational institution renowned for its commitment to nurturing aspirational learners and young leaders from Years 7 to 13. Embracing a visionary new strategic direction, the school has introduced the St. Peter’s Seven-Year Student Journey, aimed at crafting an unforgettable and transformative educational experience for every student.

Central to this vision was enhancing the pivotal first and final years of students’ experiences. The refurbishment of Prep and College spaces marks a significant milestone, redefining the starting and concluding points of students’ journeys at St. Peter’s Cambridge. These revitalised environments exemplify a new standard of excellence for learning spaces, ensuring students begin and end their educational voyage with inspiration, purpose, and a profound sense of belonging.

Designed by renowned American architect Roy Alston Lippincott, the original school grounds and buildings were crafted to evoke the grandeur of an expansive English country estate, featuring bespoke timber furnishings, intricate panel designs, stained glass windows adorned with tartan motifs, and gracefully arched entrances.

In reimagining the interior spaces, the goal was to honour Lippincott’s enduring design ethos while modernising the buildings. This approach harmoniously blends cherished historical elements with contemporary innovations, preserving and elevating the school’s architectural heritage. By merging timeless craftsmanship with innovative educational environments, the revitalised spaces epitomise a synthesis of tradition and progress.

Having recently completed a brand refresh, the renovations to Prep and College provided an ideal opportunity to deliver a cohesive brand experience from digital touchpoints to physical spaces. The interiors reflect the school’s brand identity using durable materials and flexible settings, inspired by Lippincott's original architecture. This unified approach sets a new standard for St. Peter’s, ensuring consistency and excellence across future interior projects.

Overall, the St. Peter’s School renovation project achieves significant outcomes across social, cultural, and economic dimensions. Redesigned spaces foster community and collaboration, while honouring the school’s heritage and enhancing its market position through high-quality, adaptable environments.

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