Cream Eatery

Garden Place, Hamilton

Cream Eatery is relaxed, unexpected and just a little bit fancy. Proprietors Chrissy and Luke dreamed of a bustling and vibrant eatery that would add life and personality to Hamilton’s CBD.

Bringing two distinct angles to their work, Chrissy is the queen of cakes and sweet treats while Luke has a passion for big flavour in his savoury offerings (his fried eggs are next level). The forms and finishes in our spatial design reflect the contrasting and complimentary nature of Chrissy and Luke’s different skills. Developed synonymously with the brand, colour and shapes from the brand are mirrored throughout the interior fit out, with custom furniture and joinery designed specifically with the brand’s unique character in mind.

Balancing the strong brand expression is the context of the 1950s corner site building Cream is located in. Bold and delicate contrasts and slightly offbeat but inviting colours give the space a sense of personality and friendliness. Original architectural structures and formwork are revealed, balancing the old and new and reopening the eyes of Hamiltonians, encouraging them to look more closely and celebrate what our city has to offer.

As well as regular city dwellers, a large portion of Cream’s customer base comes from the coworking venue adjacent, Panama Square. While keeping their unique style in mind, Cream needed a strong connection to Panama Square, allowing ease of access and encouraging Panama residents to treat Cream as their go-to.  Floor tiles, large windows, lighting and colour tones flow from one space to the other, creating a sense of direction from Panama to Cream. Being two separate fire cells, however, the spaces needed to be physically separable. We designed the biggest fire door available and set it into the wall adjoining the lobby, along with large fire glass windows that transition to mirrored glass on the cafe side to give the illusion of greater connection between the two spaces.

With a fresh and inviting interior, Cream Eatery’s fitout feels modern and unexpected. Cream has quickly established a loyal customer base and an unbeatable reputation as Hamilton’s go-to spot.

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