IT Partners

Hamilton East

The new work environment for IT Partners is an elegant, sophisticated and adaptable space. With a distinctive new commercial building building to work with, the base build highlights the unique existing character of the space while defining key areas of the work environment with soft drapes, adaptable greenery screens and a range of flexible meeting spaces.

Core to the client brief was a public street-facing, social foyer space that could be used for morning coffees, team wide presentations, client events and as a quiet place for prospect and refuge away from the main work station zones. The generous space features furniture and drapes that can be reconfigured to host town hall type gatherings of up to 70 people and has become an important connecting point for the organisation to build a sense of belonging and culture.

Interior finishes are harmonious with the existing terracotta base tile and bring a warm, inviting atmosphere to all spaces. A commitment to quality and craftsmanship has been applied to all of the touch points demonstrating a value for embodying a meticulous attention to detail.

As IT specialists with a remote work force, each meeting area had to incorporate and demonstrate state of the art audio visual integration. Bespoke furniture and cabinetry were tailored specifically for this and ensure the team can collaborate effortlessly with teams and clients across Aotearoa.

In a cultural moment where work from home is becoming the norm for IT firms, this work environment shifts the function of “the office” to be a place that fosters a sense of belonging, creates opportunities for social connection and offer sits users the flexibility they need for a healthy workplace.

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