Weave Eatery

Innovation Park, Hamilton

From the creators of award-winning Hayes Common comes Weave Eatery- an oasis of calm, freshness and personality in the newly developed Waikato Innovation Park. We had the pleasure of working with the beautiful brand work by Area Design, not only incorporating the stunning colour palette but also the shapes and curves of the logo’s wordmark.

Our spatial design for Weave revolved around their name: Weave makes reference to ‘‘the common connecting point; a place where people and businesses can come together to share ideas, connect and mingle.” Particularly in a hospitality setting, making space for connection is one of the fundamental considerations of spatial design. With the location of Weave as a central meeting point within the Innovation Park site, we designed a range of seating options for the different ways people meet - banquette seating, high tables, a dining table and perching spots for takeaway coffees.

Honing in on the ‘weave’ idea we used rich and textured materials including veined travertine, rough sawn timber, and upholstery with a highly visible woven texture. Natural materials and earthy tones create a calming atmosphere and compliment the woven textures, while small colour pops add personality and brand presence.

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